Doja Cat – Woman

Doja Cat – Woman (Official Video)

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OBSESSED!! The visuals are INSANE. Doja has some of the best videos in the industry, right now (in my humble opinion).

I used to be a fan of Doja until I heard this masterpiece.. now I’m a whole air conditioner 😱

I hope she never quits music she is WAAAYYY too talented! She needs to quit the effing people in her corner tearing her down. She is so much better than all of the nonsense. I would literally be her hype girl 24-7. This song is my theme song.

“Take me to them. Now.” YESSS HAHA QUEEN

So proud of this girl, I don’t usually see her as her before. She’s like the extra girl you don’t pay attention with. Imagine her journey from drop out schooler turned to online meme to tiktok superstar catapulted to stardom. From ‘moo’ to ‘boss b*tch’ to ‘like that / say so’ to PLANET HER (the introduction to her life). She’s overflowing with versatality & talent she’s a total performer artist who can sing, rap dance what else can we ask for? Now there’s rumour she’s quitting music please honey No! Ya’ll protect this woman at all cost. How can we lost a Gem like her in music industry. Please release more, don’t quit doja you’re an inspiration.

“Princess or queen, tomboy or king” is SUCH great lyricism.

This song makes me feel better when I listen from a radio station

She’s so talented and can do everything and I’m the new biggest fan of her from now