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Don’t Open Your Eyes (Free Full Movie) Horror l Suspense

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When an apathetic home hospice nurse learns he shares a sinister connection with the mysterious old woman in his care, it forces him to confront a darkness he never could have imagined.

Directed by Dmitry Yun
Starring Tom Kemnitz Jr., Gergana Mellin, Jamie Carroll

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My kind of movie. Depth. Mystery and a relatable main character. It intrigued me to watch John struggle with his morality as he made decisions throughout the movie. Loved it!

It’s an incredible intense movie. I remember my days dealing with my mom who had end staged dementia. It made me helpless to see how helpless my mom became. Just like this old, petrified woman in the movie.

definitely worth watching! You’ll hate it; that’s why it’s such a great horror flick! So well done

Movie was 100% creepy. Loved it.

Good movie, but the most depressing movie I’ve ever seen, just to watch someone suffer throughout the whole movie, heart drinching, especially if you’ve ever dealt with this situation! 😢😢 Sad!

This is a good movie. Anyone who doesn’t get the ending should watch the movie ‘Skeleton Key’ (Kate Hudson) to understand the sacrificial ritual to live forever. The important thing is to never enter the circle. It’s meant to keep the victim within.

That was a really really really good movie thanks for the upload keep the scary movies coming

That was a thrilling & scary. As you begin to understand the relationship between the characters (patient/patience), tense & visceral.

L really love watching horror movies at night this is feel fantastic and excited 😊

Thanks for uploading a good quality movie.