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DON’T WORRY, DARLING Trailer (2022)

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The song will repeat

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So, Pugh dies in that first scene and the rest of the trailer is told from the perspective of her robot replacement? Getting a very Stepford Wives vibe from this.

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Has Harry styles now fully transitioned into being an actor?

This looks good (might be worth watching)👍🏾

Very interesting, eager to find out more

Olivia Wilde directed the Red Hot Chili Peppers video “Dark Necessities,” which surprised me. I must have played the video a dozen times before I noticed her credit as director. One of my favorite music videos. I have been fan of Wilde’s directing style ever since, and I’m psyched about her directing talents on the big screen.

Check out the trailer for DON’T WORRY DARLING starring Harry Styles and Florence Pugh!

Yelena already be changing multiverses

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