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DON’T WORRY DARLING Trailer (2022) Harry Styles, Florence Pugh, Chris Pine

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Florence Pugh is easily one of the most gifted actresses I’ve ever seen. She’ll definitely take her place in history among the greats.

Looks like Florence is gonna show us again how a amazing actress she is

so many talented people in/working on one movie AHHH EXCITED

Finally a trailer that gives you just enough to get a sense of the movie without giving every thing away.

Really hope Florence doesn’t get snubbed for this like she did with midsommar. She deserves all the Oscars

I cannot wait to see Harry and Florence in a movie together! I just know this film will be brilliant!

I can’t explain how thrilled I am for this film! I really enjoyed Olivia’s direction in Book Smart, excited to see what she does with this genre. But I am most excited to see Florence’s performance. She is so stupid talented at her craft but this is clearly another level that I can’t wait for. Truely one of the greats. And I think Harry is going to surprise a lot of people with his depth and skill. I’m so glad he is pursuing more film work! He would be amazing at anything he wanted to do. This is going to be a good one!

Uhm…Harry Styles is actually exceeding my expectations and it’s only the trailer. Colour me intrigued.

1. This film strikes me more as a Psychological Thriller rather than a Romance movie. 2. This movie looks good. Olivia Wilde brings her unique perspective anytime she is at the helm. I wish her continued success as a both an actress and director. 3. In my opinion, Florence Pugh always seems to seep into the characters that she plays. Which is a good thing. Finally, 4. I am always excited to see Kiki Layne and Emma Chan in more films.

Can’t wait to watch the full movie, loving the trailer.