Dove Cameron – Boyfriend

Dove Cameron – Boy friend (Live From The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon)

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i love how dove is gaining more and more confidence as she sings this song live more!! sounds absolutely stunning <3

She doesn’t move much on stage yet she is able to keep our attention on her with the way she stares at the camera, her hand gestures, her smirk and facial expressions. She’s smart and talented !!!!


i love the ominous vibe of this song, she nailed it! sounds great live, looks great, has great stage presence… hoping to see continued success come her way <3

Dove has so much stage presence when she sings, and when she locks eyes with the camera I’m sure everyone’s heart dropped. And her voice is perfect live

i love this live version! the kind of jazzy style really suits her

Dove Cameron’s talent is incredible and outstanding she sings inspirational and phenomenal

This was vocally a really incredible performance though. She has what it takes to be big with her musical theatre background to add onto everything she’s already done.

She did a complete 180 on her look after this blew up. It’s so weird to see after watching her for soooo long even in all her deleted music from after disney.

Honestly, I didn’t expect her to sound so good live, well done!!! Such an incredible talent this girl has!!

I’ve said this a million times before, say what you will about Disney as a company but the kids they hire r INSANELY talented, they can literally do it all. This was incredible!

this song is called “boyfriend”, but I affectionately nicknamed it “HISTORIC REPAIR”. There’s a generation of girls/women who grew up, accepted/come out through Bieber’s “boyfriend” song, and now Dove has given us a female voice saying it!