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Earthtastrophe FULL MOVIE | Disaster Movies | Brian Krause | The Midnight Screening

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In a white hot flash of light, and with no warning, one minute our moon is there, the next it’s gone. Then, a second flash. And that’s the last thing anyone on Earth can remember. 11 months later, it’s not post- apocalyptic; it’s apocalyptic as Earth has been sucked through a wormhole, literally ripping our planet from the inside out. With bizarre disasters and civilization collapsing, our heroes must find a way to survive and get to “safe ground” before it’s too late.

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This was actually a pretty interesting movie. Loved the ending. Very cool.

Absolutely amazing film, it had me interested the entire time. A beautiful ending, I’ll watch it again soon. Thank you!

As a huge fan of Cenitel (sp) films, how did I miss this one? It’s great!! For those below who say it’s cheap, well yeah, and that is what makes them great! A genre all their own!

Enjoyed this 👌. Lots of twists and turns.

Praise the Lord! This film is only One hour and 23 minutes long. 👍😊👍

I loved, loved, loved this movie! Just what I needed today. I love indie/low budget movies, prefer them to Hollywood mainstream, but it can be a challenge to find good ones. This movie for me was one of those nuggets of gold! I love a smart script, which this movie has, and had good acting and directing as well. Thank you so much for sharing this. 🙂

I will have another round of this movie. Awesome indeed. I love the ending too.