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Elite Season 5 | Official Trailer | Netflix

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This season is about breaking free. No more judgement, no more rules. Will you dare? Elite season 5 begins on April 8, only on Netflix.

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I feel like the show ended perfectly with season 3 and I have no idea how they’re going to keep this going but I’m addicted so I’m watching 😭💜

Everyone misses the old cast but nobody can ignore “èlite” too♥️😂

I can confidently tell that it is going to be better than s4

Season 3 was the perfect ending but they had to push it for no reason . And I miss Carla she was great 😭

My expectations are low after last season but I’m interested cause samu seems to get more screen time again

This season looks very promising I really like the show The new character also looks shiny

I thought this show would never recover after Guzman and Ander leaving, but Netflix keeps surprising me.

Even without Ander being in the show, he’s Omar’s only plotline