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ERASER: REBORN Trailer (2022) Dominic Sherwood, Action Movie

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The Eraser concept is a good one. Whilst this one doesn’t have the star power of Arnie they’ve obviously pushed the more modest resources they’ve had to the maximum. Looks fun.

Can’t wait! I’ve waited for more Dominic Sherwood since Shadowhunters ended!

Guys, this is a remake. Of course, this automatically compares the new movie with the old one and has it automatically harder, because many people find the old one just good, which is also legitimate. But that’s not a reason to go against the actors and the presentation of the new movie. You can’t directly compare the films with each other, because they are new actors and a new look. But first of all gives the movie a chance and does not compare it directly with the old one but considers it isolated as its own movie.

I didn’t believe it was really an Eraser movie until I saw the fake water creatures.

I edit myself into movies and TV shows with green screen and was thinking about editing myself into this movie!!! Any movie suggestions would be great!!!!

Shooting, kissing, explosions, all looked good and then in the end we find it’s not going to be on the big screen. Oh, well.

That Dominic guy i feel could’ve been interesting as Elvis, lets see how the other actor will perform

Can’t wait♡♡♡

Love Victor season 3 trailer will come out