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Eternal Code | Full Action Movie

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Eternal Code (2019). Full action movie.

A CEO and her husband are kidnapped for refusing to approve an illegal device that sustains human life. Their daughter must develop an unlikely ally against those who would kill to live forever.

Director: Harley Wallen
Cast: Richard Tyson, Scout Taylor Compton, Billy Wirth

Most liked comments about the video

Fascinating story. Nicely done. Chilled ending.

I usually skip the comments but I must give props this time! Great DL!

This is a good low budget movie. Well directed and acted.

Quite good, especially without a huge budget. Great story line

Good movie. Has a feel. Great acting. Thanks 😊

Took an age to get going but it wasn’t too bad in the end.

It was a good movie. Enjoyed it.

This is the second time watching this and it was better the second time around. It’s always hard to know who to trust. So to be safe trust no one!

So worth my time to watch this movie. I’d give it a ten out of ten and if Hollywood funding were behind this production, I’d give it a eleven or twelve out of ten.