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Everywhen Feature – A boy must fight his way from an alternate reality, back to his own, to save his suicidal 5-year old brother; when 3 billion people are reported missing.
2013. Stars: Harald Evjan Furuholmen, Hugo Herrmann, Brathen Elin Synnøve

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wow….. such a masterpiece ….. the twist in the end…. too amazing.

Buena película. Final inesperado. Gracias por este festín de CF y MA.

They either used too many mood altering substances when writing, filming and acting this out or I didn’t use enough of them when I was watching it. Perhaps both. Maybe this was worth watching – in a parallel universe somewhere.

Well, if that wasn’t a mind-bender. Yeah, back with little brother, wait, where’s my reflection?

Great movie the end wow. Thank you so much for posting 🖒

Remember this move, when growing up, war wasn’t about names. The audit wasn’t out of control.

Guessing until the very end…and then…..wow.

Unrealistic but promising

Getting old I guess, this movie did not make much since.