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FATHER OF THE BRIDE Trailer (2022)

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I feel like I just watched the whole damn movie in this trailer

I have no interest in watching this movie but it did remind me that I want to rewatch the Steve Martin Father of the Bride so thanks for that 👍

Check out the trailer for the new adaption of FATHER OF THE BRIDE! Streaming on HBO Max June 16, 2022.

I must be old – I keep seeing comments about this being a remake of the Steve Martin film – which was actually a remake of the original with Spencer Tracy, Joan Bennett and a very young Elizabeth Taylor. There was also a short-lived television show in the early 60’s. The point is – this is one of those universal concepts which can be updated every 30 years or so to reach a new generation.

Okay now I feel like watching father of the bride with Steve Martin

I’ll watch it cause I give any movie a chance however Steve Martian will always be the best one.

The ending gone be the father and the mother getting back together 🤔

This is definitely a reboot from father of the bride.

This is usually around the time when reboots start popping up

For goodness sake stop rebooting. Clearly film makers are bored and don’t have any fresh ideas for films but this needs to stop. I loved the original films with Steve Martin and only just recently watched the second film.

Without him it is not Father of the Bride but just a cheap ripoff of the movie…a bootleg version