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FATHER OF THE BRIDE Trailer (2022) Isabela Merced, Andy Garcia Movie

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Wasn’t expecting to like this, but it actually looks really good. Not a total remake of the Steve Martin one (which is also a remake btw)—but a totally new storyline.

A reminder for anyone with a “Why remake this?”….the Steve Martin one was also a remake. It is a very relatable story — letting our kids go — and I love how this one has some new spins on it. Look forward to it.

I am excited for this remake and for its efforts, if successful, to portray additional cultural aspects than a cos white family unit. I would love to see a version of this movie reflecting a familial blending like Pryanka Chopra-Jonas and Nick Jonas’ wedding weekend. When information about their wedding weekend came out, I found myself fascinated by Ms, Cholera’s religious and cultural celebrations. I would love to see the beautiful Indian traditions and rituals accurately portrayed in film and their real-life story would make for an amazing movie while educating the American public about another culture.

It reminds me of movies “the birdcage” and “guess who’s coming to dinner”. Happy it’s not a remake of the original remake of “father of the bride”. Looks good. Happy to see Gloria E. acting as the mom.

Gloria Estefan still looks amazing. I had the biggest crush on her growing up.

I feel so represented as a Latina! This is exactly how it goes in so many Hispanic cultures.

Loved the original with Spencer Tracy, then loved Steve Martin’s version now waiting to love Andy Garcia’s version.