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Flatland | Full Action Sci-Fi Movie | Dennis Hopper

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Flatland – This Sci-Fi adventure follows the struggle between good and evil forces in an alternate universe, and what happens when their 4,000-year-long conflict crosses over into modern-day Shanghai to endanger both worlds.
2002. Stars: Bumper Robinson, Phillip Rhys, Françoise Yip, Dennis Hopper

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I think Dennis Hopper’s final line in this movie, “Looks like you could use a drink” should be “After this, you need a drink”.

Gonna give it a watch anything hopper is worth it peace to all

Excellent film I like it

I love the voice over work, it must have cost at least $ 100.00 or so.

Thank you for uploading this good movie, I enjoyed it! Thumbs up!

1:09:26 – 1:09:33 took ages for physics to kill that man

Always a good watch with sir den given em hell on da big screen 😁 don’t slow down

As soon as I saw Hopper in the title I knew it was going to be a strange film.

Enjoyed. Especially once in that other state/ mind – eyrie.

Dennis Hopper? I’m watching it.