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Flytrap – When a man is held hostage in a twisted version of suburban San Fernando Valley, he slowly uncovers the reason for his capture and the miserable fate that awaits him-and humanity-unless he acts.
2015. Stars: Jeremy Crutchley, Gabrielle Stone, Jonah Blechman
**This film is under non-exclusive license from Indie Rights Inc. All rights reserved**

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Donโ€™t know if I would call it a good or even thought provoking movie but certainly one of those you watch and keep hoping it will comme to make sense or even interesting

What a trip. I fell in love with an alien for a while. Great movie. Left it open at the end there.

Yes, excellent movie, very thought-provoking!

Great story line and decent acting. My only gripe with it is the struggle for her to get the keys and gun to let him leave could’ve been a bit more difficult and realistic. It just seemed to easy after all that happened. I like that he got to see his child at the end. That was a nice touch. Definitely a cool movie and worth the watch in my opinion. That is if you seen my alert and chose to read this comment anyway. Lol

Excellent movie ! Thank you Sci-Fi Central !๐Ÿ‘

What a cool movie. The lead actor was reminiscent of Sean Connery. The humor definitely wasn’t lost in this entertaining story. However I never dreamed Aliens could be made out to be so unintelligent. Gilligan was a sociopath who fits right into the LA crowd. I’m still smiling at the fact I enjoyed it this much.

Wow what a movie I was so into it Word for Word the music made it feel more interesting especially @1:00:00 just watching, waiting and Staring at him to see if he was going to enter the room or not to see what he was going to find or to finally realize that they were aliens all this time at the end he was a fly and he felt trapped

Five star movie acting both actor and the actress The atmosphere the music The atmosphere the music the atmosphere and the music. For the second time in watching this movie I totally enjoyed it completely,!

What an amazing story, cast and writing. I’m picky, and you all certainly earned 5+ stars. Even the cinematographer, on a budget, great smooth shots.