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Frauds (Full Movie) Thriller, Dark Comedy, Phil Collins, Hugo Weaving

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Roland has made decisions with a die since his 8th birthday. Now an insurance investigator, he uses it at work.

Director: Stephan Elliott
Writer: Stephan Elliott
Stars: Phil Collins, Hugo Weaving, Josephine Byrnes, Mitchell McMahon, Andrew McMahon, Rebel Penfold-Russell

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Phil Collins just blew me away! We all know the incredible talent he is being an incredible singer/songwriter. Now we can discover him being a brilliant dramatic/comedy actor. The entire cast was great, and the writers/directors all were fantastic. Thanks ever so much for posting this freaky wonderful creatively done movie!

Phil Collins is a FANTASTIC ACTOR and definitely the sound of my childhood in music . Five stars quirky and fantastically fantastical

That was a BRILLIANT movie, and I’ve been called a film snob my whole life. Tysm for sharing. I can’t believe I haven’t heard of this one before.

It’s been a while since a movie has left me this confused. I love it!!!!!

Can’t believe I’ve never heard of this. Love Phil Collins. ALso, this movie has some serious Beetlejuice vibes

WOW, totally enthralling, more twists and turns than a plate of spaghetti, the acting really got into the plot , that house was so psychedelic i am gonna have flashbacks. Josephine you are absolutely alluring and never stopped being believable. good work team . “hungh.good god ya’ll ” – James Brown.

It’s such a strange and wacky movie that I ended up really enjoying it. Also Phil’s performance is what kept my eyes glued to the screen.

What a messed up -twisted movie……. I love it. Thank you for posting :D. If they ever did a sequel, I’d bet that two guys would be best friends – maybe team up to go after unsavoury sorts or something. Laughing with tears in my eyes

brill , due to the funfair crazy house setting , due to the gradual progressive surrealism , and due to the twisting story , and due to the weird element , and due to the three characters , unbelivably believable ..