GATES OF DARKNESS – Watch Full Horror Movie


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A haunted teen endures a terrifying exorcism in the hopes of unlocking shocking secrets about the church and his family.

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An entertaining movie. Interesting storyline and equally impressive cast. Second time around watching this.

Well that’s was awesome! Great film. Well scripted and filmed. Only problem with it…I feel it was to short

Excelente filme!

a very well made film with 4 known actors…watched it from the Yucatan, MX

The outside family dinner is the epically ironic point of view. This movie’s plot is very well written takes places never thought it will.

Really powerful movie! Skeletons in the closet…I know. Thank you! 🙏

I never got a babysitter in 22 years.
No thank you. She’s off in her new apartment and career and happy as can be. I miss her. 😆💛👍🏻

Tolik filmu či dokumentu jsem viděla o vymítání ďábla je možné že tito lidé existují -amen😇👍

That’s ironic, the other daughter comes into the kitchen dressed the same way, but they say nothing. Clearly the only difference is, is that she just doesn’t have the kind of body that her biracial sister has to make her look as equally revealing.

Love this movie

Really liked this film.

Excellent!!!! Outstanding!!!

What a nice priest!

Moral of the movie: you can fix the damage from molestation with an exorcism and a couple of murders.

Terrific movie thank you

Great movie thanks

Excellent movie 👍 👹👻

What’s Jigsaw doing wearing the clothes of a priest???

Nice movie.. worth watching..