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Germany’s Wild Birds – Rulers of the Air | Free Documentary Nature

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Birds are truly universal and can be found almost everywhere on our planet!
By monitoring ten interesting bird-watching locations, we document not only the silver herons in the Westerwald, but also the last great bustards in Havelland. Then there are the great crested grebes in their splendid plumages, shown building their nests and during courtship, in an area of extinct volcanoes: the Eiffel.
Add to this, exotic wild birds and colorful parakeets, the newest members of the population in a park in Wiesbaden. We have resting migratory birds, ducks and waders on the west banks of the Steinhuder Lake.
On the border to the Netherlands, in the moorlands near M√ľnster, we find the only wild flamingos in Germany. Equally interesting are the fire geese, avocets and many birds of the coastal region not far from Hamburg harbor. At Federsee Lake in Upper Swabia, we observe the inhabitants of the extensive reed zones: bearded tits. Then we have the birds of fortune, the cranes, which interrupt their long journeys by resting on the Baltic coast. Last, but not least, in the Feldberg lake region we accompany the ranger on an exciting sea eagle excursion. With this film, you are invited to experience a journey through the wonderful world of birds.

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Love this content! Thanks for letting us see more of this miraculous world..

These docs are beautifully done and excellently narrated.

Que linda la naturaleza

Extremely fascinating. I enjoyed it immensely. Wonderful camera work. Poetry in motion. Thank you

Most beautiful episode ever seen ūüĎŹ

the ecosystem is well maintained and the population is abundant

Olihan upea, kaunis ja kaikille sopiva video. Tekij√§ n√§ytt√§√§ el√§v√§n siivekk√§iden maailmassa. Sopisi hyvin lintujen maailman “au pairiksi” Kiitos ammattitaidosta.

Good one for just animal content. No melodramatic BS

Mans quest for development and modernity has deprived nature of all its pristine beauty

Watching from Sweden, Great documentary, love the White-tailed Eagles ūüôā