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GHOSTS OF CHRISTMAS PAST Trailer (2022) Romantic Movie

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The song will repeat

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I’m convinced this isn’t a real, 2 hour movie. This IS the movie.

This was a great 3 minutes movie!!! 🍿😀👏

This isn’t a trailer this is a summary of the entire movie!!

Where is the laughing crying button on this? It’s everything I wanted it to be and nothing more, especially that last line, “ok that makes a lot of sense” and SCENE this movie is now OVER and its just the trailer THANK YOU FOR THIS GIFT IN MY COVID QUARANTINE!

Wow I just watched the whole movie. Thanks

Annie Clark! My little Degrassi heart is bursting… I don’t even care how ridiculous the movie is!

What a sweet movie. Thank you. You recap better than all those recap channels really.

Wow those trailers tell the movies in less time than the recaps