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Gigantic Tunnel Drilling Machines | Men and Machines | Free Documentary

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In this episode we visit the construction site of the Albvorlandtunnel between Stuttgart and Ulm in Germany, where two huge Herrenknecht tunnel drilling machines from Schwanau in Baden-Württemberg are used.
They operate Germany’s largest and strongest machines. Between the North Sea and the Alps, huge tools make possible in a few days or hours what used to take hundreds of workers weeks or months.

With courage and sure instinct, they control machines weighing tons with millimetre precision. What do the men have to bring along if they want to operate Germany’s largest machines safely and how are such mega-aggregates manufactured? The German mechanical engineering industry is world-famous. Men & Machines shows why.
In each episode Men & Machines presents the biggest tools of different industries: Tunnelling, cranes, track construction, open-cast mining, demolition companies and forestry. The spectators experience the gigantic machines and their guides in action and also get a glimpse into the production halls of these machines in every episode.

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I appreciate you explaining (comparing) the weight of the largest ring segments in African elephants. I would be interested in how many olympic swimming pools could be filled with the mine tailings. Ah….the weight of the cutter head is comparable to two and one half diesel locomotives. Another documentary compared their subject to the weight of giraffes. All in, miners are a special and unique culture and society. They make modern life better. Keep our miners safe. 😏😏😏😏

Good content. Hope to see some more videos on this topics soon. Good work team. Cheers !!!!

I love this channel. Beautiful docs

Those are some impressive machines. That must be cool working on building that tunnel. Sara has lovely eyes.

You guys really need to encourage your interview subjects to speak in their native language and then subtitle later. There is nothing more frustrating to watch and halting than someone trying to speak another language like English and do a poor job of explaining their job, it makes them look incompetent which they obviously are not.

Amazing video ❤️ love from Bangladesh 🇧🇩🇧🇩

That’s some big machinery.

Thank you for this informative documantry vedio.