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The Earth is breaking apart, people are killing each other, and fire is raining from the sky – Just another day in Pleasant, Washington for Mayor John Mitchell and his wife Karen. After the Earth’s crust begins to fall apart, one community must band together and reach higher ground. Between avalanches, volcanos, and mutiny, this caravan has their work cut out for them. It’s a post-apocalyptic road trip they’ll never forget.

Starring – Michael Paré, Leanne Khol Young and Pat Maceachern
Directed by – Daniel Gilboy

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I wish that it’s live stream,while playing the movies, so we could react, just like in real life

What a coincidence a lot of these movies over the years are similar to what is going on in the world today. They knew from long ago what their intentions were for us but good will overcome this evil.

It’s better than I expected. 😁👌

How can they be out of water when they’re surrounded by snow??? Can you not drink melted snow???

Fun and giggles for the whole family…

Another brilliant film with badly photoshopped explosions

Loved this movie

Great movie. The storyline was actually really believable.

Absolutely fantastic movie 🎥 thank you so very very much ❤️!!!!