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New York City based flight attendant Lorna Flynn is on an obsessive journey to find her long lost relative after her absent father passes away. In the hopes of finding out more about her family and herself, what she discovers is more than she could have imagined.

Directed by AnnaRose King
Starring AnnaRose King, Ted Tremper, Becky Yamamoto, James Caan

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Really good watch. Well acted. Sensitive and sweet. Those who have expressed dislike may well have never confronted the issues addressed. The movie centered around some life experiences that can be heavy and difficult to deal with, but in a light and lovely way. All the characters very likable which added to the enjoyment. Thanks for posting this.

“At least you were raised by someone…” great line in this movie. Most people dont know the value of what they’ve got.

This movie artistically and stylishly dealt with emotions we really don’t talk about like running from our problems, being alone when we die, not accepting people that don’t look like us. It was very subtle how subjects of everyday life came across the screen.

An unexpected surprise. Great movie! Loved the acting, so incredibly natural. You rarely see such acting in movies. The way they talked, their gestures, the credible, sweet awkwardness, the pauses. The story was touching. This movie achieved so much with just a few main ingredients.

I can’t stop smiling! I totally loved this movie, and the incredible journey she took to find her uncle. Bravo!!!

Yes, beautifully done. It reminded me of myself when I was in my early forties, living in Philadelphia and traveling a lot. What a time, open to so much living and exploring and engaging all at the same time, yet still that little girl, searching for family connections, bless her heart, glad she found her Aunt/Uncle. Very sweet.

Just a great little movie about finding oneself. Annarose King died too young. She was a beautiful person inside and out, andt she lived more in her short 35 years than most people do in lifetimes. She left us this great little treasure as a tribute to the humanity and sence of wonder in all of us. Thank you Anna.

This movie looks so cosy. The light, the music. And I love the airport atmosphere, for some reason it brings happy feelings to me 🙂

This movie made me think of a time when all I wanted to do was hand out with my family if I knew more of them. But you soon realize it may not be such a good thing. When you are little that is what your heart looks for but as you mature, you realize yearning begins to fade with time.

Written, directed and performed by Annarose KIng?! Wow, she is really talented. If this film were a painting, King would be Joan Miro, not in subject but in style – the utter simplicity of her of work could have fooled anyone to just bypass it, not knowing that behind that seeming simplicity lies a gem. Impressive work.