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GOOD LUCK TO YOU, LEO GRANDE Trailer (2022) Emma Thompson

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Every film Emma Thompson is in is light years better because she is in it. It’s something about her voice I think. She always makes you believe the character she is playing is a real, genuine person.

If this is as good as it looks it’s going to be a massive hit. You can feel the incredible chemistry these two have just from the trailer. Emma Thompson is a goddess!

I have never been able to really explain why I just love this woman .. .. .. here is one explanation. She is just pure magic, whichever way.

I will watch this as soon as humanly possible, that woman is a goddess and he looks fab

Watched this at Sundance. This movie is SO much better than you expect.

WOW This looks incredible!! The chemistry between the actors is palpable and the topics the story covers will probably resonate with many! Can’t wait for this one!

My whole day brightens when I see Emma Thompson. She is a gift to the world.

Can’t get over how beautiful Daryl McCormack is, but most of all, I’m loving this role for Emma Thompson. The movie looks great!

i’m sobbing… i am 36 and i feel like this woman speaks right from my soul.