GREEN GHOST & The Masters of the Stone Trailer (2022) – Watch Trailer

GREEN GHOST & The Masters of the Stone Trailer (2022)

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This is one of those movies that you know it’s gonna suck, but then after watching it you go: Dang, it was funny and liked it.

Look forward to watching it! Looks funny and entertaining!!

I’m so excited to see this film come to fruition! Best wishes from Las Vegas & keep reaching for the stars Charlie!

Yup, this is gonna be great, can’t wait to watch it!

Can’t wait to see this!!! I love the Chavo del 8 reference! Hilarious at 1:07

It feels like a lot of love has been put into it

Can’t wait to watch!

Omg I just died when that one man told him his underwear lines were showing in Spanish. ☠️ 😆

This is freaking awesome!

Having grown up in the RGV, this is the most surreal shit I’ve ever seen