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Greyhound Attack | Full Action Movie

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Greyhound Attack (2019). Full action movie.

Greyhound Attack follows pilots of the U.S. Army Air Corp as they hunt the skies of World War II Europe for the most dangerous weapon the Germans have in the air – the Me262, the first operational jet fighter.

Director: Christopher Forbes
Cast: Brad Owens, Scotty Sparks, Bob Young

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I can watch anything that is free but this is not free enough. PAY ME !

I managed to get through almost 10 minutes. Ha beat that!

Let me guess.. This movie 🎦 budget would be 100 dollar πŸ’΅

Hope you guys old enough to remember THE 99 Center 99 center 2 pieces of chicken roll and coleslaw

Wow, glad to see my high school drama club play finally made the big time!

I luv the rc planes. I wish my superiors talked nicely to me instead of barking out orders. Let’s have a talk, lol.πŸ˜‚

This hurt. A lot. It’s the Birdemic of war movies.