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When two cowboys are captured in the old west trying to rob a bank, they are exiled to the front lines of World War I to fight alongside the British. They get into a bet to see if they can fly a Gunbus, they do but then end up in another base under an officer who is determined to hunt down a German airship.

Directed by: Zoran Perisic
Starring: Scott McGinnis, Jeffrey Osterhage, Ronald Lacey
Alternate title “Sky Bandits”

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Good light hearted fun. Highly recommended for family viewing.

Sky Bandits! (As it was titled when released in the USA, anyway). Loved this movie when it came out during my fifth grade year and I still love it today! This was such a fun, lighthearted adventure film! To lift my spirits after watching the much darker “1917”, I watch this film! LOL!

My brother and I watch bad movies together as a pastime. This was one of his random choices and from the title, we braced ourselves for a real stink fest. It turned out to be the worst bad movie he’s ever chosen, in that: it’s a delightful film. We loved it, fun characters, surprising cinetography and technical direction, great costumes, skilled and talented actors, and just enough stretching of reality to make this so much fun. I LOVED this move and will be watch it again for many years to come!

15 minutes in n Iā€™m loving this movie, good comedy good laughs. šŸ˜‚šŸ¤£šŸ˜

Finally got to see this super hilarious WW1 movie from 1986. Just don’t take the plot seriously never mind the bizarre aircraft.

That was great movie fun, reminiscent of chitty chitty bang bang, without the musical parts. Loved it, thanks. Love anything with airplanes .

This is classy & the Amercian spirit I’ve grown up with I enjoyed this movie tremendously it was alot of fun to watch

Of course the first line in the film should have been ‘You’re only supposed to blow the bloody doors off!’