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Gunshy (Full Movie) Crime l Drama. Diane Lane

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Jake Bridges is a washed-up writer befriended by Atlantic City enforcer Frankie McGregor. They make a deal: Frankie teaches Jake about life on the streets and Jake walks Frankie through great literature.But Jake finds himself falling in love with Frankie’s girlfriend as the three lives become increasingly intertwined in this extraordinary gangster film.

Directed by Jeff Celentano
Starring: William Petersen , Michael Wincott , Diane Lane

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I’ve just watched “Gun Shy” for the second time, and enjoyed it just as thoroughly. In fact, I appreciate it even more, as a well written, well made movie. The acting, among the three leads (William Petersen, Michael Wincott, and Diane Lane), is as good as the script. I’m especially impressed by Wincott, who just lit up the screen. (Somehow, this amazing actor, who’s had a long and impressive film career, got by me. The latest film credit I saw on IMDB was in 2017, so he may have retired…I hope not). I was also impressed by the Cinematography and Scoring, both of which perfectly support the story. (The scoring, and some song-writing, by Paolo Rustichelli, is outstanding). I’m not a big fan of the Crime genre, per se, but this beautifully directed film transcends genre: It’s a gripping cinematic tale that is simply very well told. Thankyou for this one!

Gritty and soft – brutality and gentleness – romance and unrequited love. Frankie’s shell cracks and there’s a real human in there, he makes the movie. Great acting by the whole cast. Not a flat spot in it.

This was a good movie. I love Diane Lane in just about all the parts she’s done. There is just something about her that is innocence and naivete along with knowing what’s going on in the world. Wincott was very convincing and you found yourself in Atlantic City as part of the script. Easy to imagine being in that world. Never fulfilling but a trip nonetheless.

William Peterson reminds me of my husband when I met him many years ago. I just really liked this movie. Had several lessons about human nature and love ❤️! Thanks for another great popcorn movie…you never disappoint ! 😘

Love this movie ♡ does anyone know which song is playing in the background? 51:35 – 52:30

I loved this movie! I appreciate writers with imagination. The type story not easily forgotten.

A really good movie, and I love the ending.