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HOLLYWOOD STARGIRL Trailer (2022) Uma Thurman, Grace VanderWaal Movie

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The song will repeat

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Another movie that from the first scenes looks like it will be great. Grace Vanderwaal is a great artist who has a very good energy, and for sure the great talent and acting power that she has will be great in the plot and also the film has the presence of Uma Thurman, Judy Greer and great cast, all very talented under the direction of Julia Hart and Disney quality, for sure the work will be excellent.”Success always”!!!

My IDOL starring in her second movie. I can’t believe it. She is a little musical genius and my favorite everything since AGT 5? years ago. Her first movie in which she starred, was a success so this one ought to be too.

Grace does not portray Stargirl, Grace IS stargirl!

In an IG live Grace said, “they gave me this fucking ugly haircut”. But I think it looks okay. The movie doesn’t seem to be as nuanced and quirky as the first one though.Julia Hart has gone full Disney and honestly it seems a bit saccharine. But I’ll watch it for Grace and to hear the song Grace wrote.

Blink and you’ll miss Uma

This one is looking so good

Uma Thurman and Judy Greer 😘

Disney, what are you doing to my Stargirl?

Big Star poster in the background – nice touch!