Horrid1 – Seconds

Horrid1 – Seconds

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The song will repeat

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If horrid stays consistent he will go places this year.

this is the huncho we wanted, straight violence and crud. one of the best flows of all time too

Been a minute since horrid1 has had a solo but well deserved my man has one of the most underatted flows in drill right now and only one i really see tryna keep that old drill sound alive

when its on digga d’s channel you already know its going to be good

Horrid1 got one the coldest flows in drill imo 💯

Demonic forces are going to love this one! Put down knives and pick up books 📚

Digga x Horrid1 needs to happen… Digga make at least 1 more for the streets🙏😉

I like how much pride he takes in doing a thorough job when cheffing