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Based on the novel by Y. Bondarev. The film tells about one of the heroic and tragic episodes of the bloody Battle of Stalingrad, in which the steadfastness and fortitude of Russian soldiers who defended their native land were fully manifested.

Year of production: 1972

Director: Egiazarov Gavriil
Screenwriters: Egiazarov Gavriil, Grigoriev Evgeny, Bondarev Yury
Composer: Alfred Schnittke
Operator: Dobronravov Fedor
Production Designer: Vasily Golikov
Cast: Yuri Nazarov, Georgy Zhzhenov, Konstantin Tyrtov, Igor Ledogorov, Vadim Spiridonov, Anatoly Kuznetsov, Beishenaliev Bolot, Alexander Kavalerov, Nikolay Eremenko Jr., Boris Tokarev, Gennady Korolkov, Khariy Shveits, Alexey Pankin, Alexander Arzhilovsky, Valentin Grachev, Tamara Sedelnikova, Ara Babajanyan, Vladlen Biryukov, Vladimir Ivanov, Albert Dorozhko, Alexander Zimin, Anatoly Ignatkov, Mikhail Strelkov, Boris Smorchkov

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The Great Patriotic War touched every post-soviet family. This was the first war of its kind as it was against humanity, against the existence of whole nations. It cannot be forgotten. It should be celebrated and remembered as a reminder to all future generations about the horror of war and how valuable freedom and peace are. Happy Victory Day! The 9th of May! Long life to all veterans and eternal memory to those who died for their home.

With some exceptions for movie artistic licence and the romantic element; I thought it was very good at presenting the soldiers view of a desperate battle against impossible odds given what the Nazis had accomplished prior to Stalingrad. The desperation of the fighting was reasonable and the close range artillery was well done. Respectable sets & weather format and best explosions as usual in a Russian movie. It earns a 8.0/10.0 IMHO.

I’m a retired 21 year U.S. soldier. This is one of several excellent movies, produced by Russians.

Wow amazing. I’ve been waiting for this channel for 20 years: ever since I saw Stalker. Classic Soviet cinema. Thank you so much for doing this.

cool movie, you should make a playlist of all the movies in historic order

Thank you. Respect to all military men from every nation who fought honorably

Thank you so much for adding this movie with EN subtitles! I can show it to my husband now.

All wars are the bankers war. For this day 2022 nothing change. Huge respect to all brothers and sisters who died thinking they fight for the freedom. Thank you for this pice of history

It is time for you to approach everything you do during the day consciously. You should constantly control your thoughts and feelings. Any negative thought in your consciousness must be nipped in the bud. Protect yourself from everything that contributes to the existence of negative thoughts and feelings in your consciousness.

A 10+ movie,like many others russian movies.All my respect from Romania,God bless you Russia!