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HOUSE OF THE DRAGON Trailer (2022) Game of Thrones

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as long as they learned their lesson from Season 8 of GoT I’m looking forward to this, otherwise they should just cancel it now and not give us the trash

Hopefully we get another season finale that’s short and too dark to see .

I’ll be more impressed when George finishes a song of ice n fire

I wonder only one thing.. How far is the past explored in the books? Because if its still being explored in books and it’s the same showrunners (most likely) then the quality of the series is highly dependent on how many books they have to translate to screen. Because let’s be honest here… GoT was great as long as it followed the books with some slight deviations and you literally notice the massive dip in quality of writing as they hit the unknown, I. E. They couldn’t rely themselves on the books to help them in the writing.

I’m sort of looking forward to this – but I know through experience with GoT, that I’m loathe to invest in a new series if it ends up again with a GoT final – hmmm – wait and see

I’m definitely gonna watch house of dragons . I’m ready to learn the story of how dragons became a symbol to game of thrones .

I will start watching it after it’s series finale reactions

i hope they do the age of heroes next or the beginnning of the great houses.

Finally we’re going to watch something worthy afterall

This gave me goosebumps, I’m in!