Howling IV: The Original Nightmare Watch Full Movie – Werewolves Horror Movie

Howling IV: The Original Nightmare (Full Movie) Werewolves Horror

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Haunted by a series of unnatural happenings, Marie Adams heads for the sanctuary of a rural hideout to regain her sanity, only to find a horror more deadly than her own imaginings. From the depths of the forest he’s calling, waiting for the full moon, to hunt Marie down…to take her on a terrifying journey into the gaping jaws of death.

Directed by John Hough
Starring Romy Windsor, Michael T. Weiss

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I was 14 when this movie came out and now I am 47..gotta love the older scary movies the best. I really hope the 80s and 90s stick around even when it’s time for me too pass away

To be honest, “The Howling”, “Howling 2: Your Sister is a Werewolf”, and “Howling 4: the Original Nightmare” were the best of the entire franchise. The 1980s were seriously a golden age for horror films.

Don’t you just love how scared these people are when running but always stop to look at the creatures.

The 80s and werewolves and classic rock are the best combinations ever

This is a very underrated movie in this series. It is the only movie close to the actual book. To make a good horror movie, you don’t need all the blood and guts that most people think. The suspense of horror is what you don’t see.

I’ll always remember the good days watching movies it takes me back when I was a youngster especially werewolf movies this movie’s awesome

This movie gave me nightmares as a kid, it is so awesome! Love this franchise. Thank you for the upload!!

Love these classics, always focused on the script more then the CGI.

Horror films are just so different now. They are great for the time period we live in but 80’s & 90’s horror cannot be duplicated ever again, it was a time where horror & fantasy collided beautifully. You just can’t get that same feeling with the horror movies of today, BUT today’s horror is still great in it’s own right. I just miss the 80’s damn it😩😆

I love a good Werewolf film 🐾Some of my favorites came out before my time such as this one. Hope future Werewolf films will bring me as much joy as this one did

Ahhh…80’s horror. The good ol days! Great soundtracks too!

I love how she can’t hide her smile while seeing her beloved doggy’s head ripped off 🤣 22:46

One of my favorite guilty pleasures. One of my favorite horror films. Does anyone know how to get the soundtrack? Or if this one will ever get a blu-ray release? Seeing this in 1080p or 4K is long overdue!

I had this on an old VHS tape growing up, which I eventually gave into and bought the DVD. Sure, it’s a corny disaster through a lens of today, but it holds a special place with my childhood nostalgia. It’s cheap, innocent fun to watch every now and then and is a nice break from the superhero crap of today.

Even if the storyline wasn’t as good as howling 1&2,just for the 80’s nostalgia is worth it 🇯🇲😀

I watched this movies years ago and never knew what it was called. Glad I found it again.


Watching this classic werewolf flick right now 🙂

If you can look past all the low budget special effects, and focus more on the plot, you actually have a somewhat scary story about werewolves and psychological horror.

Why the hell did you omit the melting scene? That was one of my favorite scenes in the movie

It is quite similar than 1st movie but not on same level, still I love it! That friend of her would be better for her and her husband should be actually friend, they should exchange the roles 🙂