HUNTING SOULS Trailer (2022) – Watch Trailer

HUNTING SOULS Trailer (2022) Sunny Mabrey, Thriller Movie

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So excited, great cast!

I want to watch it!

Lol that girl is Judith from the walking death (well Judith from season 6-8)

1:19 your face when you get pegged.

Hard pass.



looks like someone’s Senior thesis film from a community college =)=)

Watching it now… Editing Sucks.. Periodically you can see where the edits take place because they glitch. In just the first few minutes, lighting Sucks. Turns on a bed side lamp and does Nothing to light the room… and I am less than 7 minutes in.. Looks, feels and sounds like a Fucking Soap Opera.

Watching this now it’s so boring. Almost 30 minutes in and nothing interesting has happened yet.