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I Want To Believe – A thrilling study of the UFO phenomenon and the people who dedicate their lives to it.
2020. Stars: Mike Bara, L.A. Marzulli, Nick Pope
**Under non-exclusive license from Indie Rights Inc. All rights reserved**

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I witnessed the Phoenix Lights in 1997 and that craft floated above our heads about 100 yards above We were up on the mountain across the street from our house because it was the night of the Halle-Bop comet and we wanted to get the best view possible. The craft was immensely massive,by far the biggest thing I’ve ever seen. It was a chevron/triangle shape. It was gunmetal grey and had 3 lights on each side and a amber colored one on the tip. A lot of people said that it was silent but we heard and felt a buzzing/humming sound. We actually felt it in our bodies. The sound was what you would hear if you were close to high powered power lines. It also had some sort of distortion around it. The best way I can describe it is when you are pumping gas into your car and you see the fumes distorting the air around your car. Or in Phoenix on a hot summer day you will see the same kind of distortion coming of the ground from the heat. I will never forget what I seen and can still see it when I close my eyes and think about that night. It was amazing to see and I still look up into the night sky every night hoping to see something like that again.

The mere fact that Bob Lazar mentioned Element 115 years before it was added to the periodic table, is proof enough for me he is legit.

He lost me at “government doesn’t lie.”

Which is the biggest lie they have ever told.

He knows they lie about everything.He’s lied too,but he or they can’t just come out and tell you the truth.We peons won’t be able “to handle the truth.”

I want to thank all the viewers for their great support of this UFO movie production. My story as a child is one of the 4 I went through…

I’m sure it will come to be found that this phenomenon is not from distant planets but more interdimensional in nature.

Aliens: “Oh hey look! there’s a large crowd of Aliens down there watching and pointing at us!”

What the guy in the film said that “extraterrestrials like strawberry ice cream” – I personally find that extremely interesting. Because my grandfather was a US Army Air Force counter-intelligence officer in the 1940s & 50s. He was stationed in Tucson, AZ at the time of the Roswell incident. He & his team were called in & became directly involved in the recovery of the deceased extraterrestrial bodies found at the crash site. He kept official military documents of all the events that occurred. My mom obtained all his files after he was killed in the mid 50s. Around 1987, I found the documents in her office & read them. It was a semi thick file in an old manilla envelope with government statements stamped on it. There were warnings in red of fines & imprisonment, that the information was “eyes only”. I had no idea what any of that meant, I was only 16 at the time. But despite the warnings, I read the file. I had never heard of Roswell or anything like it at that time. But I found the information very interesting. One particular detail that stood out, simply because its peculiarity was that the live extraterrestrial they were keeping in a government compound actually “enjoyed strawberry flavored ice cream”. So I think there’s some validity to it, despite it being a seemingly frivolous detail.

My mom still has a her father’s files.

I’d like to find a way to safely get the information out there but I’m concerned about my mom’s privacy & safety, should it come out on a large scale.