Infection: The Invasion Begins Watch Full Movie – Horror | Sci-Fi | Thriller

Infection: The Invasion Begins (Full Movie) Horror | Sci-Fi | Thriller

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When convicted killer Deke Evans returns home after serving his sentence, he discovers that his once-peaceful town is now the epicenter of a plague that’s morphing everyday citizens into flesh-hungry zombies. As Deke becomes a reluctant hero in the fight against the undead, a reporter sniffs out the truth that cryptic government agencies will do anything to hide.

Directed by Howard Wexler
Starring Kelly Pendygraft, Alice Amter, Terry Becker, Lochlyn Munro
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Love how the sheriff never knows whats going on and just asks civilians ” so whats the plan” ….its just like management at work lol

LOVE it! “Tapeworms?” –sweet, happy people doing a fun movie that is supposed to be scary.

I absolutely love it great acting and good directing 10 stars!!!!!!!!

They told the truth in the movie yes if you see something you go tell the cops And if the government knows about it they put you in the hospital then they say you’re crazy I love this movie reality that’s true there’s so much going on in this world i love love love this one good job will ✔ done

29:18 to the cop “you’re the one with the gun!” while the cop hides behind the civilian!! that just made my day, right there, even if the rest of the movie totally sucks! after reading thru the comments I guess I’m the only one who gets the bitter water as the cure for the infection.

Well after a busy day this movie was just what I needed, treated more like a movie with a comedy edge and it seemed pretty good, cheered me up anyway. thanks for the upload i enjoyed it.

I found myself watching this movie because it happened to be one of the last acting roles for Terry Becker who played Gramps. Anyone who is familiar with Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea will better remember him as Chief Sharkey.

Honestly I want to thank you for putting a good film on YouTube as it saves us time looking for it on netflix and etc

Guy at 15:31 who plays the sheriff is absolutely hilarious in other films

Don’t try to mess with a man who survived prison for 10 years.

And the best actress award goes to… The mother!

Wasnt scary but more funny,and some good quality acting 5/10

What a cinematic masterpiece, exquisite dialogue, character development and plot. Well worth the admission price. Two thumbs up.

The handsome hero Deke Evans made me watch till the end🤣,he was 🔥.I liked the chemistry between him and Sarah also, there were moral lessons and the supporting characters kept it interesting. It could have used some work but entertaining none the less.

A REAL Cop never gives up his gun. P.S. I read comments and STILL, I WATCH THE MOVIE AND MAKE UP MY OWN MIND ABOUT IT!

Okay how come he did not age at all, but she aged 200 years? Did he make a pact not to annhialate them entirely and they gave him the secret of eternal youth?

Such a bad movie I loved it! More accurately put, someone had a very small budget for this, but they put some effort in all the same, and it shows. They don’t have the best actors, or the best effects, but it’s still enjoyable for what it is and I’m glad that people with ideas are making the effort to produce movies despite not having Hollywood-level resources.

Better than you might expect. Some good funny parts, too.

i give em an ‘A’ for effort. They made a movie. How many of us can say that?

Thank you UTUBE for showing these outrageous movies right now. I wonder if people realize what a great healing tool and catharsis they are.Thank you theatrical industry!!! Facing the realities of life,and especially right now is a little easier.

I know that many people said that actor was horrible, but I disagree. in all reality the rawness of the acting made it more believable. The emotions might have been underrated by the dialogue I found to be more accurate than some A class movies of the same genre. The CGI was pretty bad but was you expect from a B movie. Plot and story yeah a little cheezy, but you should not expect much from these types of movies. They are for mere entertainment and not for intellectual analysis.