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Iron Chef: Quest for an Iron Legend | Official Teaser | Netflix

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Iron Chef is back! Challenger chefs go head-to-head against culinary icons in an epic battle royale for the chance to become the Iron Legend. Follow the exciting cooking combat along with Alton Brown, Kristen Kish and Mark Dacascos this summer. Iron Chef: Quest for an Iron Legend premieres on June 15.

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YESSSS Alton Brown, Kristen Kish and Mark Dacascos oh this is the only way this could come back. I’m so hyped for this.

Seeing the chairman gave me chills no lie

Yes! This will be epic! Nice to see both the Chairman as well good Iron Chef competition back on the tubes.

That’s cool and all but the real lynchpin will be the Iron Chefs they hired. They have to have the right combination of professionalism, be stylish, and doggettly committed to their specific cultural styles of food. The Japanese original chefs would lose sometimes because they believed in theirs styles with all their hearts. Those always had something to prove about their cultural disciplines. Which made me respect and remember them by name and style forever. I hope them really do it right.

So happy Iron Chef is back! Loved this show, watched this show when it was on.

Always liked a culinary competition

The Iron Chef is back! I love this show.

I did not expect the Chairman to be bald lol. Definitely didn’t recognize him at first. Kish is a great chef. This should be a good watch. 👍

I’m so excited to see this return.

Hopefully it drops week to week, I would hate to watch a ton of Iron Chef then felt lacking of more Iron Chef after a day