Jack Harlow – Dua Lipa

Jack Harlow – Dua Lipa [Official Audio]

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We Want a Dua Lipa ft. Dua Lipa Remix

Jack has had such a crazy rise in the past two years. I remember when Whats Poppin first dropped 🔥

Jack is nice by giving Dua Lipa a shoutout, I hope she makes it one day and becomes famous! Keep supporting growing artists!

We need Dua Lipa spitting bars on the remix


The vibe is insane. Definitely didn’t disappoint

The hardest pickup line ever 🤣

Jack Harlow go in soo hard on this right here, straight up BANGER! He aint like all them trappers and oppas who just be usin that AUTHENTICVIEWS to go HAM… SMH seem like anyone can go big these days..