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Jaguar VS Caiman: Wildlife Encounters | Free Documentary Nature

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Jaguar vs. Caiman: Wildlife Encounters | Wildlife Documentary

Whenever humans enter the wilderness – no matter if they are scientists, cameramen or just outdoor fans – they will face unforgettable encounters: the discovery of new species in the jungles of New Guinea, the scary moments when a group of white sharks surround a diving team off the coast of South Africa and the dedicated work of wildlife warriors who try to save jaguars and gorillas to name a few. Wildlife film makers sometimes risk life and limb too. In Siberia Uwe Anders is taken by surprise by an uninvited guest – a polar bear. Wildlife film makers experience also many emotionally touching moments: Oliver Goetzl and Ivo Nörenberg are witnessing a wolf approaching a lone newborn bison. But just in time its mother arrives. The ten part series shows the funniest but also the most dangerous and the most emotional moments in the wild.

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Wonderful. I love nature documentaries.

Great. I like nature documentaries that discuss wild animals such as National geographic

If you watch this, please don’t immediately turn and run away from bears. That dude is fortunate!

Jaguars are the true kings of the jungle and my favorite big cat. 👍🏾😁

Love the sunrises and sunsets. Very nice to see.

What a great documentary 🏆🏆🏆

cassowaries are capable of jumping as well & can run upto 50 kph an hour

The diver was surprised at the dangerous situation he put himself in diving right on top of the sperm whales during the birth of a new baby calf. Giving birth is a stressful event enough for any living creature, even more so for wildlife, due to their babies being prime targets for predators, so imagine the mother whales shock and distress at her personal space being invaded by some strange unknown species. I don’t blame them one bit for them showing aggression towards a potential threat to her baby.

If the guy’s wife was in the middle of birthing his baby and an alien species crashed the party monitoring and filming her up close, I’m pretty sure he too would be outraged with aggression too. At least he later expressed his guilt at what he had done, but then ruined that sentiment seconds later with his high-five as if to say “Amazing footage we just caught there, how lucky are we”.

As for the documentary, I enjoyed the diverse mixture of wildlife featured. It made for a refreshing change to single specie videos (although I love watching and learning from them too). Narrator was one of the best I’ve heard on a wildlife documentary, second only to Sir David Attenborough of course. Great work.

Jaguar are incredible! They should be protected & brought back to repopulate their native home in the american southwest, per the plan of the U.S. Department of Wildlife. However, the wall has caused setbacks & damage to the eco system in locations the jaguar, ocelot & various other shy & elusive species sensitive to human encroachment inhabit. An area attractive to jaguar must be free of human activity &/or habitation for the big cat to make it home.