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When a hungry young jaguar meets a lone caiman crocodilian, an underwater throwdown ignites. Who emerges victorious? The caiman has the advantage in the water, but the world’s 3rd-largest cat is no slouch either. Check out this Love Nature digital short, it’s a fight you don’t want to miss.

Jaguar Photos

Jaguar Photos

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Got to admire muscle power of Jaguars. To lift a caiman almost as big as itself and climb such a sharp cliff is incredible.. And that too after an intense struggle in water.

Never knew Jaguars hunt in water. Incredible. That’s some serious strenght they have.

I have a friend, an expert in jaguars, who mentioned this big cat is the only one that hunts on land, water, underwater and even in the trees. Amazingly skilled specie.

caiman crocodile photos

caiman crocodile photos

Imagine spending millions of years evolving into an apex predator with the most powerful bite force of any animal only to get wrecked by a cat in your own territory

That cat jumped into a caimán infested river, fought and killed a caimán bigger than him in the caiman’s own territory, and still was able to haul that big old reptile out of the water over a small hill with no help. That is a bad ass kitty.

Who tf jumps in a swamp and grabs an alligator? Omg.. I had no idea Jaguars were this strong

People don’t realise how amazing jaguars are. They’re excellent climbers and swimmmers, have the most powerful bite of any big cat, can take on prey just as big as themselves alone. They are everything that is great about a big cat

Imagine challenging a caiman in the water. definitely one of my top 3 favorite wild animals ❤️

Being Guyanese I must admit my love for the jaguar is greater than for the other big felines. This cat has such beauty, strength and elegance.🇬🇾

If your house cat weighed as much as your house dog you’d be terrified 😂

Jaguar Photos

Jaguar Photos

Wow. I have never imagined how strong a young male jaguar is. Good video!

Jaguar has shot his way to being my favorite cat, tied with lions

Imagine if they were as big as lions or tigers!…they would undoubtedly rule over both!

Oh! What muscles that cat has! Total respect for this hardworking jaguar! He’s the boss !

Jaguars has the strongest bite force as all the big cats even it’s the third largest from lions and tigers. While the other big cats kills its prey from suffocation, jaguar do so with a swift bite to the head, Piercing and crushing the skull. At 2000 psi bite force, there is no getting away from that.

You know that when you enter the enemies turf and come out victorious… you’re a badass kitty 🐆

Jaguar made it look easy , like play . Amazing how this big cat sees a croc in water and thinks ” oh oh yes .. mmm i want to catch and eat that thing ” , and jumps straight in fearless 😂