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John Belushi: The Final 24 (Full Documentary) The Story of His Final 24 Hours

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Legendary comic actor John Belushi is on a drug fueled binge in L.A. He’s far from those that love him and protect him from his own excesses. Belushi has been battling his drug addiction for seven years. Throughout the night, he ingests the massive amount of drugs that finally get the better of him. His body can no longer fight the toxic effects of the drugs. Final 24 investigates the root of Belushi’s drug addiction and uncovers the events that led to his final reckless act.

SE1 EP02

Directed by Mike Parkinson
Dave McRae

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It’s heartbreaking to watch this because it’s plain how much John was loved by Judy and Dan, and how much they still miss him.

My family grew up neighbors with the Belushi family. I was 2 years behind him in school 2 years ahead of Jim. Played baseball in the field behind my house..and I knew them as just regular people. Good hard working family.

John passed away on my birthday which has since marked that day as a remembrance of John. It’s a bittersweet day now. A very sad loss of an amazing person

As a former addict Dan Ackroyd sure seems like a good guy, very upfront and honest. What a good friend. I like how he said we were able to meter the dose. Classic! I am so glad I escaped from jail and with my life. I used to speedball frequently and almost died, I was on the hospital for 3 months and came out a changed man. I don’t fault Belushi, drugs really transform your entire mindset and your want’s and needs are very skewed. If you are struggling please get help, there is hope! Methadone was my answer and I have been tapering off after 3 years of being clean. There is hope! Don’t give up!

His wife seems like a lovely woman, and Dan really was a good friend. Whether you get addicted because “everyone in Hollywood is doing it”, or your trying to bury trauma, or you’re self medicating for whatever reason, the end result is always the same. Being an addict seems like it is the loneliest, most secretive, and self destructive place to be, and it’s heartbreaking to know your fellow human’s are suffering.

He begged his body guard to stay, but the man saw how well John was doing and said, “You don’t need me any more.” But Belushi was doing well BECAUSE HIS BODY GUARD WAS THERE.

It’s sad to see that people are more into Belushi’s death than the way he lived his life. Belushi was a genius! One of the funniest people to ever live. He was also an amazing singer, amazing musician, amazing actor, and an amazing human being. Whether Belushi died because of a stupid mistake or he was offed for some other reason doesn’t change the fact he had more talent in his little finger then most celebs have in their whole bodies!

44:23 wow it genuinely made me sad that he blames himself for not getting to John in time. It’s not his fault. Regardless if he had been there that night, the outcome probably would have been the same. I hope one day he learns to forgive himself and let that guilt go.

Dan was impacted…you can really tell from this interview, and how much he loved John and most likely misses him still.

What a tragedy. He knew what he was doing but, like a lot of young people, never thought anything would happen to him.

. God bless him and his family 🙏🏻😞