Johnny Orlando – someone will love you better

Johnny Orlando – someone will love you better (Official Music Video)

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The song will repeat

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Absolutely loving the artist he’s becoming every single day. He just gets better and better.

this has quickly become one of my favourite music videos out there. i usually don’t go back to watch music videos over and over again but this one genuinely introduced more depth to the concepts in the song and it creates such a vivid picture that i feel inclined to rewatch it. also the cinematography is amazing.

this is his best song by far. the lyrics, the mv, his voice and the production is just perfect. ive been supporting him since 2018 and im so proud of him, im sure he´ll be an amazing artist <33

I’ve been in his fandom for 4 years, that’s why I know his music never disappoints us 🙂

The melody, the lyrics, Johnny’s voice, everything is so beautiful… The video is so good, it reflects the love that the people involved have for their work. I still keep saying it, Johnny deserves so much recognition and it is so unfair that he still doesn’t have it, the day will come and I hope it will be soon, bc the world must see the talent he has and has had for years. He never disappoints with his new music bc he was born for this and I can’t wait to see what the debut album will bring to his career.

Let’s blow this song up guys,let’s get Johnny mainstream,but at the same time I kinda wanna keep him to myself since he’s so underrated and so good,I don’t want people to corrupt his good fandom.

johnny i’m proud of you, i’ve supported you since 2012 and seeing how far you’ve come makes me so happy, your music is my safe place forever, i love you and i have this song on repeat, i really relate to the lyrics <3

OMG please, how much work that is put in this MV is unbelievable! I just love the whole together, not only this great MV but also the lyrics with such a deep and relatable meaning and your voice like a true ANGEL!!! You’re so underrated man this is a masterpiece, keep up this good work! Love from Germany 🇩🇪❤️🛐

usually I don’t watch the music videos to songs but after seeing the teasers for this one I had to and I have never seen anything like it, it’s so incredibly well done and the concept works perfectly with the song, I could watch this on repeat for hours❤️

I got to know Johnny’s work last year and I was surprised by his dedication. He’s extremely talented and I wonder why he isn’t recognized so much.