Joyner Lucas – Ye Not Crazy

Joyner Lucas – Ye Not Crazy (Official Video)

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Everytime I listen to Joyner – it goes harder than the last.

I love everything he gives – great lyrics. Great flow. Great beats. GREAT MUSIC 👌🏼

Thanks Joyner for saying what people are too scared to say!!

Properly deliverd damn this dude gives me the chills with his flows

Joyner is one of the few skilled lyricists we have left in a game filled with mumble rappers now……I ain’t got nuthin’ but respect for him

Ye’s not crazy, he jus speaks his unfiltered thoughts. Everyone’s unfiltered thoughts sound crazy, we jus not ready to admit that

Thank you for writing about Ye not being crazy. I knew from the jump he wasn’t. He speaking truth. Only real truth can set us FREE! Good job on this one! You helping them to awaken out there! We got your back!

joyner always dropping heat 🔥🔥🔥🔥

I’ve never been a big Kanye West fan but I know what the man is going through at this moment and maybe even worse so in my situation. My child’s mother cheated on me and left me and it shattered ya boy hard-core. I live in a state heavy on the mothers side. And it is in fact far from “equality” unlike what Justice is supposs to be.