Justin Bieber & benny blanco – Lonely

Justin Bieber & benny blanco – Lonely (Official Acoustic Video)

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As a 44 years old parent I never was a Bieber fan (completely understood why the kids loved it though).

This must have taken enormous courage to write and sing this song. He is showing so much vulnerability but I am sure that this in the end made him stronger. We are all connected so we are never truly alone, we must always care for one another. Justin is a remarkable Human being who lost his way a bit but I think has found his true self.

This my second emotion, I’ve been alone for 7 years now, my family and friends are far from me, I’ve been pushing so hard to change my situation… But I still believe that God will give me strength to go Tru

I saw JB live and let me tell you that it was absolutely beautiful, I brought my daughter but ended up being so thankful I went myself. He was used by the industry and spit out when he screwed up, typical move.

He is a sweet soul who just needed to learn to love himself first, everything after that fell into place.

this song soothes the soul. I liked👍

Amazing! You can literally feel his pain. His struggle, his stress and anger . Noone can understand. Mad respect, this song is so true it truly makes you realize and open up your mind everything he went through… 🙏

His interpretation is so pure that I can feel every word. This is the most genuine song I’ve heard from him