Justin Bieber – Honest ft. Don Toliver

Justin Bieber – Honest ft. Don Toliver (Directed by Cole Bennett)

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The song will repeat

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They need a whole album together that shit would break records

I swear cole deserves an award.

To be HONEST, Justin is such a versatile artist, he deserves respect!

Incredible visuals, incredible vibes and can’t ask for much more 🍋

Honestly, I can definitely see Justin start to get more into rapping/singing like this. Gotta respect the dude, he’s been grinding for all these years now. Seems like he’s matured a ton throughout his career. I really fuck with this song. Him an toliver sound fire together!

I love JB’s flow on a trap beat, always loved it since “Confident”

Never saw that coming: Justin Bieber on Lyrical Lemonade and a dope duo who voices blends well together, pure artistry ! Lyrical Lemonade impact in the music world is undeniable, No CAP !

cole literally deserves an AWARD, been making work for all these years and especially doing collabs with icons . what else CAN’T he do fr, much love bennett 🖤💯

You’ve come so far from underground rap to directing Justin Bieber that’s insane congrats man

When he blew the smoke out and goes “honest” with the straightest face had me dead!