Kairo Keyz – Keyz Style

Kairo Keyz – Keyz Style [Music Video] | GRM Daily

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The song will repeat

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It’s all about timing kairo we got you !

This beat is braaaazy

This is one of d best tune his dropped💯💨

Kairo Keyz brings something different 🔥

“Man wanna rush cah there watching next man it’s all about timing” that’s true

He’s due to blow. This song is sickkkk

holy smokes, the bars on this go mad you know, Keyz better come the meta in the upcoming weeks

Too good of a beat 😮‍💨

Don’t even listen to Kairo like that but this is coldddd ❄️

“Man get fame and start get shook, shoulda stepped in the scene with a bally” loool true🤣