Kehlani – everything

Kehlani – everything [Official Music Video]

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blue water road is the album of the year, thank u kehlani for this masterpiece, we love u 🖤

I WILL NEVER GET OVER THIS!!!! A rap video to a ballad is simply the single most creative dope genius thing jve ever seen. It was so beautiful with the dancer and the harpist nestled in there as well, just amazing. So well executed such a raw concept. I can not give her enough flowers. KEHLANI A GOAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

this is one of kehlani’s most beautiful songs, she is so poetic, sensitive and vulnerable in a way never seen before, it’s wonderful to see her maturation as an artist

She captured the 90’s era so perfectly. The style, the scenery and even down to the lenses she used to film this visual. She made it feel nostalgic while inviting us into her NEW state of mind. 😭😭💕💕💕💕

I literally cried playing this album. Following since cloud 19 is suchhhh an experience and a clear understanding of key points in their life. Lani has been like a cactus that grows steadily for years and years through any weather but then blooms bright flowers every once in a while – just vibrant and flourishing. BWR like a heartbreaking relief that somehow makes you feel warm. It’s like a call to be still and present and appreciative. This is art. And just like that – I’m ready for the deluxe album

This song never fails to make me cry. To have someone feel this way about you, write like this about you and sing it so beautifully is, well, everything.

Blue Water Road is magical I’ve been taking a lot of deep breath and while listening to this record it literally feels like this is a whole new beginning on life. That’s what BWR feels like to me a reset on life and I’m telling you guys right now I’m certain that Kehlani was full on prepared for the approach she took. She didn’t miss whatsoever💯❤️🌊

It’s only appropriate that this song is called everything, because I love everything about this song, the vocals melody & lyrics are divine, its a 10×10 Kehlani! Such a soothing song!

Directed by – Kehlani + Khufu Najee
Production Company – Radiance Pictures
Executive Producer – Nuer Taqa
Commissioner/EP – Shadeh Smith
Management – David Ali
Producer – Zoey Pressey
Director of Photography – Jay Swuen
Production Designer – Taylor Venegas
Stylist – Oliver Vaughn
Makeup – Troye Batiste
Hair – Cesar Deleon Ramirez
Edit – Sebastian Zotoff & Erin McCaffrey
Post Producer – Whit Johnson
Color – Johnny Thorpe
VFX – Retina Imageworks

Production Manager – Autumn Maschi
Production Coordinator – Losa Meru
1st AD – Max Dean
2nd AD – ​​Lizzy Walker

1st AC – Benjamin Hernandez
2nd AC – Saori Kinai
Camera Utility – Fernando Lopez
Steadicam Op – Garet Jatsek

Gaffer – Jon Sohn
BBE – Aaron Trujillo
Key Grip -Tristan Aghajanian
BBG – Axel Cubias

Set Decorator – Caitlyn Bell
Set Decorator – Sasha Massey

Stylist Assistant – ​​Sophia Nieser

PA – Carlos Martinez
PA – Leysser Parada
PA – Memetjan Semet
PA – Sebastian Romero

Background –
Sara Kawai
Yann Ondele
Honey Allure
Mathan Cephas
Justin Hargrove
Jonathan Miles
Marissa Andrea
Kenneth Bruer
Imani Simon
Kayla Ellis
Lani W
Jahmani Lockett
Edwin Honoret
Joe Craze
Sly Griffin
Prince Nduka
Obiora Anozie