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Kehlani – little story [Official Music Video]

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Wouldn’t say I’m a lie, But I’m not always honest
I ain’t come through, but that’s why I ain’t promise
You got a face that I could lie to
Light blue lights in your white room
And you’re fine too (oooh)

Oh yeah
I want you to do it again
I want you to pick up the pen
And write me into your story You know I love a story
Only when you’re the author
Trynna meet you at the altar
Working on being softer (ooooh)
Cause you are a dream, to me
Oooh, oooh
It’s in the way you see through me
Oooh, oooh

Still mad I hit the dash on ya
After wearing you down, right til the last of ya
I was moving just maybe a little fast for ya
Just tell me it belongs in the past
Cause you got a face that I could run from
Heartbreak targets in my shotgun
But you’re not one, oooh

Oh yeah
I want you to do it again,
I want you to love me again
And complete our little story
We got one hell of a story
You’re a hell of an author
Swear I’ll leave you at the altar
Working on being softer (oooooh)
You’ve always been a dream to me
Oooh, oooh
It’s in the way you see through me
Oooh, oooh

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True fact: Everyone agrees that Kehlani is melting everyone’s heart with her songs

This album is gonna clear my skin, my mind, and spirit…And grow my hair I just know it 😭😭😭

For anyone who is suffering from mental health or is just at their lowest point rn, I’m so proud of every small change or thing you do, even if all it is is get out of bed and eat, your doing amazing <3 dont worry because everything will get better, dont let anyone stop you cos you will glow up <333333

she’s grown as an artist so much, she never fails to amaze me

Cinematography going crazy, can’t express how much feeling film recording carries over digital footage. Even though it’s just black and white, there’s so much character. Beautiful production, the orchestra at the end ooof!

I’m crying so hard. This is so clean. It’s so transcending. Kehlani you have grown and just like your daughter you are teaching us how if feels to be peaceful and love. I’m so grateful for you and your music. Thank you so much 🧡💛

in every song kehlani sounds more mature (in like a good way obv) like they’re healing and we’re all too with them. it’s so beautiful:’)