Kehlani – melt

Kehlani – melt [Official Audio]

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The song will repeat

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This album is literally the start of an new era. An era of peace, love, healing, abundance, prosperity, new perspective, beauty, etc. Thank you Kehlani for gifting yet another great album to us. We love you and we’ll support you forever and always🤍. Continue walking into your purpose and light Queen👸🏽.

actually crying tears on the bathroom floor this is so beautifullll

seeing kehlani’s emotional growth in her music is so refreshing because you dont get to see that with other musicians. I still cant believe its been 7 years since cloud 19

KEHLANI YOU KILLED THIS WHOLE ALBUM!!!!!! Can’t express how happy I am for you! From where you started to right now?! Insane 😭 been around since the beginning and it’s only gotten better!!

She really did her thing, the vocals, beats, the album cover. Everything is so damn perfect. Im in loveeee😩

My favorite song off the album. So beautiful, her tone, angelic, giving me Brandy Vibes on her runs. Just perfect, wow. ♥️

The album came out early this morning for Australia, and the entire album is absolutely amazing! ✨

we can talk about the production the lyrics the vocals everything this song is everything love you kehlani – from chile

This whole album feels like warmth and love I feel like I’m on a beach with my lover and we are just staring at the waves. I feel safe, I’m at peace 🤍 I love you Lani 🌊

so raw, tears came to my eyes from the moment the pre-chorus started. i felt her heart. images of her love and experiences radiated. and reflections of my own experiences. if u know this feeling, u fucking know this feeling. that level of safety, love without fear.

This album is great. Kehlani is an incredibly talented music artist. Kehlani is the best, the greatest.

This song will be on my wedding day it will be perfect way to spend this special day