Kehlani – shooter interlude lyrics

Kehlani – shooter interlude [Official Audio]

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shooter interlude lyrics

And I’m keepin’ all this part too

Can I borrow some money? Can you call me an Uber?
My mama needs surgery and my son needs a scooter
Can you start up my start-up? Can you move my maneuver?
I think you need Jesus, I think you need a shooter

[Verse 1]
So who you be fuckin’?
Who you been foolin’?
How many bottles you got in your mini cooler?
“S” on your chest, but you never feel super
Do you ever feel stupid?
Do you call out for Cupid?
Can I borrow your chains?
Can I have your last name?
Can I come over later and can I overstay my welcome?
Downplay the helper
Don’t say I ever
Borrowed your paper
Don’t forget the favors I did for you

[Verse 2]
Before you blew up
Knew you beforе you grew up
I used to babysit ya
Dated your baby sistеr
I wanted babies with ya
Your daughter’s supposed to be mine
Shouldn’ta wasted your time
Put a ring on your finger
‘Cause you been datin’ lames
And all those famous names
Playin’ those famous games

So can I borrow some money? Call me an Uber
My mama needs surgery and my son needs a scooter
Start up my start-up? Move my maneuver?
I think you need Jesus, think you need a shooter

Think you need a
Think you need a shooter
Think you need Jesus, huh
Think you need a shooter
I think you need

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I swear her music is laid back and chill, all her albums have some type of calming vibe to it. 🦋

Kehlani literally never fails to make us feel shit we never felt through music before❤❤

I love the statement this song is making. She’s incredibly generous and loving, has impacted so many people’s lives but she can be taken for granted. Lots of people making a claim to a person who owns themselves.

Soon as it started i felt my tensed muscles relax…oh my i literally feel like i’m breathing in fresh air when i listen to the whole album. And i love that each song kinder has its own story and funny enough they fit what i’m going through!🥝💃🔥✨❤🥺🥵Definitely appreciate you Kehlani.

I agree her energy through the music is magnificent I love her

The moment we all been waiting for

This is definitely gonna be one of my favorites from this album😩 this album is gonna be amazingg💙

I’m literally so excited she has new music out

Can we take a moment to embrace all of the beautiful sounds we are hearing?