Lauren Spencer-Smith – Flowers

Lauren Spencer-Smith – Flowers (Lyric Video)

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My favorite line from the song, “if there’s anything I’ve learned, it’s that you should watch yourself, if you’re hurting, then you should leave and go get some help,” made me cry because there are times when we try to hold on to someone who isn’t good for us just to keep them, and we end up hurting ourselves even more. We all need to be reminded that it’s good to love someone but not be with them, since it’s better to leave than to stay in a relationship that causes you harm. Because love supposed to bring you joy, not suffering, if you’re unhappy in a relationship, it’s not good for you!

The time she teases a song, and then still gets people to still listen to it ahhhh! She is definitely doing something right!!!

lauren’s voice is the most incredible thing i have ever heard. what a gift

I cannot believe this song is out I am so excited for her 🌸🌺

Ive been waiting for this for months and damn girl you never dissapoint me ❤️

Girl I love this song. Your voice is just so pretty. I hope that one day I will be just like you in my career of singing. Congratulations on a another killer song. 🥳💜

“Young people fall for the wrong people guess my one was you”❤️‍🩹

never stop making music.