Lil Durk – Broadway Girls feat. Morgan Wallen

Lil Durk – Broadway Girls feat. Morgan Wallen

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Respect to Durk for stepping out of his comfort zone and shoutout to Morgan for reaching out to Durk💯 didn’t expect this to be this good

This song is a game changer! Respect to both artists for stepping out their comfort zones!

I’m a full blown metalhead and even I dig this. It’s absolutely crazy race is even a topic of discussion anymore because this song appears as though it’s uniting us. A blend of country and rap with a metalhead listener, go figure….

I love when cross genre music is done right, brings so many people together.

The unity and vibes are unmatched. 10/10.

Wallen is a star in his own rights and adding in Durkio is a recipe for perfection which that song definitely is

I was in Nashville last week and purposefully played this on full blast when I was cruising down Broadway. I love durk and Wallen.

If Durk don’t get a few awards for this, I’m not taking them serious anymore, because this song hit on every cylinder. Literally a 10/10 and I feel like it’s what this country been missing. The unity in this song you can just feel it

I honestly didnt think the fusion between drill and country would have worked. INSTANT CLASSIC! GOOD WORK Morgan and Durk!

Love when two genres can creatively come together 🤩

This deserves to be on the radio, for real this song is underrated 💯

The music industry needs more Amazing Collaborations like this 🙌🥶🤷‍♂️ seriously no one knows the greatness that can still be made when they stay in the same limits of there vocal style, gotta be versatile

This is such a wonderful collaboration, Rap and Country have the power to take the mainstream world by storm ⛈

I didn’t like this song when I first heard it but I’ve been bumping the album all the way through and this is a fucking jam! Durkio does it all💯

Love this, when people thought you were racist they are wrong, really cool that Lil Durk has your back for that, he don’t believe such god damn rumor. Love you Morgan.

Man , this song is actually fire. Lol. Never listened to lil durk before , but this ish slaps. Lol.

I’m a big fan of both artists and this song is freaking awesome! Great job.

They have to make more songs together 💯🔥